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Cawamo is incredibly versatile, connecting to virtually any device offering an RTSP video signal. This includes Onvif-compliant IP cameras, non-Onvif IP cameras, and even analog cameras hooked up to an RTSP-transmitting DVR.

Even if your internet isn't lightning fast, Cawamo shines! Its innovative hybrid design keeps local processing power on the edge device, meaning minimal internet is needed for smooth operation. So, relax, your bandwidth is safe!

Cawamo takes accuracy seriously! Its advanced AI model is designed to minimize false alarms. Plus, with unique customization tools, you can fine-tune the system to fit your specific needs, practically eliminating alerts for harmless movements like leaves or stray animals. So, relax and enjoy peace of mind, not panic attacks!

Cawamo keeps you in the loop, wherever you are! Get instant notifications through the Cawamo app as push alerts, straight to your email, or even on your trusty WhatsApp. Plus, it seamlessly connects with most remote monitoring companies and can even activate on-site accessories like voice announcements, lights, and even Serene security systems for immediate action. So, stay informed and in control, your way

Absolutely! Cawamo enhances your existing security setup by adding powerful AI detection and automation tools. It doesn't replace your guards, but rather empowers them with a Guard Dashboard that receives real-time alerts, allows video review, and facilitates communication with remote monitoring companies. By streamlining workflow, providing real-time information, and automating tasks, Cawamo empowers guards to make faster, more informed decisions and significantly improve site security.

Absolutely! Cawamo is more than just a security brain - it's a vigilant watchdog for your entire system. Its built-in health monitoring features constantly check vital signs, ensuring that:

  • All cameras are online and connected. Cawamo will instantly alert you if any camera drops connection, allowing you to take quick action.
  • All cameras are behaving properly. No more blind spots! Cawamo detects if cameras are misaligned, tampered with, or even covered, and lets you know so you can investigate.
  • The system itself is healthy. Cawamo monitors its own performance, ensuring smooth operation and notifying you if any internal issues arise.

With Cawamo, you can rest assured that your eyes are always open, even when you're not watching.

Cawamo goes beyond just seeing threats - it can actively deter them in several ways:

  • Auto-audit tool: This clever feature uses audio speakers to broadcast pre-recorded warnings or instructions when suspicious activity is detected. Imagine a loud buzzer or a stern voice calling out to an intruder, potentially scaring them away before they can cause any harm.
  • Relay system: Cawamo connects with various electrical accessories, turning your security system into a proactive deterrent. Think flashing lights, sirens, or even automated gate closures - the possibilities are endless! You can customize the response based on the threat level and your specific needs.

Absolutely! Cawamo is more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. You can fine-tune its detection rules to focus on what matters most to you. You can adjust sensitivity levels, set specific zones for monitoring, and even create custom rules based on your unique environment.

over 20 different detection rules to keep you informed! It covers your bases from top to bottom, including:

  • Security threats: Cawamo spots intruders, loitering, unauthorized access, and even suspicious vehicle activity, keeping your property safe from unwanted guests.
  • Safety hazards: Whether it's falling people, unattended objects, or even environmental risks like fires or floods, Cawamo acts as a vigilant watcher, helping you prevent accidents and ensure everyone's well-being.
  • General site management: Cawamo goes beyond just the big stuff. It can help you monitor things like traffic flow, unauthorized parking, or even equipment malfunctions, keeping your site running smoothly and efficiently.

 And here's the best part: Cawamo is constantly learning and evolving! Its team keeps adding new detection rules all the time, so you can be sure it's always up-to-date on the latest threats and challenges.


Cawamo can handle multiple detection rules with ease, so you get a comprehensive view of what's happening without needing extra hardware. 

Cawamo offers different detection packages tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're prioritizing security, safety, or general site management, you can choose the package that best fits yyour needs.

With Cawamo's powerful platform, you can unlock your camera's full potential and get the most out of your surveillance system.

chain you to your desk! Both iOS and Android apps are available, giving you remote control and ultimate convenience right in your pocket. Get real-time notifications about any suspicious activity, access live camera feeds, and even remotely operate on-site accessories like lights and sirens – all from the comfort of your phone. It's your security command center, wherever you go!

The Cawamo app is your security platform, letting you:

  • Stay informed: Get instant alerts when anything unusual happens, from intruders to safety hazards. No more relying on someone else to keep you in the loop!
  • See for yourself: Access live camera feeds anytime, anywhere, so you can always check what's going on and make informed decisions.
  • Take control: Remotely activate on-site accessories like lights and sirens to deter potential threats or alert others. It's like having a virtual on-site presence!
  • Manage your system: Easily adjust settings, customize detection rules, and even review past events – all at your fingertips.

We understand it's important to feel comfortable before committing. That's why most of our Cawamo plans are based on flexible monthly subscriptions. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Cawamo and customize your experience without any long-term contracts.

Want to pause things for a while? No problem! You can easily suspend your subscription at any time and pick up where you left off whenever you're ready.

This way, you have the freedom to try Cawamo, see how it works for your specific needs, and adjust your plan as needed. We believe in building trust and creating win-win partnerships, so flexibility is a key part of our philosophy.

Cawamo is your security partner. We're confident you'll love the peace of mind and control it offers, but with the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Even if the unexpected happens and your on-site equipment gets damaged or stolen, your vital security evidence is still secure! Cawamo stores all your alerts and pre-alert recordings in our robust cloud storage. This means that even if your cameras go down, the critical moments leading up to any security event are safely preserved in the cloud, accessible only to you.

So, you can rest assured that even if someone tries to tamper with your equipment, the truth is safely backed up, ready to be accessed and utilized whenever you need it.

Cawamo understands that sometimes you need a complete record, not just snapshots of events. That's why we offer flexible recording options to suit your specific needs:

1. Cloud Recording:
Keep a continuous 24/7 video record of everything that happens on your site, stored securely in our cloud for easy access and peace of mind.
Benefit from reliable redundancy and remote access, even if something happens to your on-site equipment.

2. On-Site Recording:
Store the full video stream locally on your own hard drive or network storage device if you prefer to keep your data physically within your premises.
Maintain complete control over your recordings and potentially save on cloud storage costs.

3. Hybrid Approach:
Combine cloud and on-site recording for added flexibility and security.
Customize your setup to prioritize certain events for cloud storage while maintaining a continuous local record for complete coverage.

No matter your preferences or unique needs, Cawamo empowers you to tailor your recording strategy to your needs.

No need to worry! Cawamo is built to be completely scalable, meaning it can easily adapt to your expanding security needs. Whether you have just a few cameras now or envision a larger system in the future, Cawamo can handle it all.

Here's how it works:

No camera limit: There's no cap on the number of cameras you can connect to Cawamo. You can add or remove cameras as needed without any restrictions.

Flexible edge devices: We offer different edge devices designed to handle varying numbers of cameras. This ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your specific setup.

Easy expansion: Adding new cameras is a breeze with Cawamo. Our system seamlessly integrates with new additions, keeping your security setup smooth and streamlined.

So, you can:

  • Start small and scale up gradually as your needs evolve.
  • Protect large facilities with confidence, knowing Cawamo can handle the complexity.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to customize your security system without worrying about limitations.

Cawamo grows with you, no matter what the future holds. You will have a security solution that's as adaptable as your needs.

Sure. Cawamo offers a cloud-based option that lets you leverage our AI platform without installing any additional hardware on-site. Simply connect your existing cameras directly to the cloud, and Cawamo takes care of the rest.

Absolutely. We offer an optional On-Prem solution that doesn't require an internet connection! This means Cawamo's powerful AI brains stay right on your site, processing video and sending alerts without needing to reach the outside world.

Here's what you need to know about On-Prem:

  • No internet dependence: Keep your security system completely self-contained, ideal for locations with unreliable or limited internet access.
  • More hardware on-site: This option requires a dedicated computer on your site to handle Cawamo's processing power.
  • Full functionality: Enjoy all the same AI-powered detection, alerts, and remote access features you'd get with the cloud-based version.

On-Prem is perfect for:

  • Facilities with sensitive data or security concerns who prefer not to rely on the cloud.
  • Remote locations with limited or unreliable internet access.
  • Businesses seeking full control and independence over their security data.


Whichever option you choose, Cawamo empowers you to create a security solution that fits your specific needs and environment. So, whether you're wired to the cloud or prefer to keep things local, Cawamo has you covered.

Cawamo is all about minimizing unwanted alarms and keeping you focused on what truly matters. Here's why you can expect a dramatic reduction in false alerts:

  • Smarter AI: Our advanced AI model has been meticulously trained to distinguish between real threats and harmless movements like shadows or leaves. It's like having a highly discerning security guard watching over your site.
  • Customization tools: Don't settle for one-size-fits-all! Cawamo lets you fine-tune the system to your specific environment and needs. Adjust sensitivity levels, set specific zones for monitoring, and even create custom rules to avoid unwanted triggers.
  • Continuous learning: Cawamo doesn't just sit there. It constantly learns and evolves, adapting to your site's unique patterns and activity. This means even less room for false alarms over time.