Channel Partners

Monitoring Centers

Security Monitoring Service Providers benefit from Cawamo's top-performance and scalability, especially from our detection capabilities, generation of high-value alerts, and virtually zero false alarms. As a result, save valuable resources, increase your operation's efficiency, and provide new video services.

Integration Companies

Cawamo’s software solution allows you to offer greater value to your existing customers and attract new ones by offering them outstanding AI-based video analytics that dramatically improves their security and safety. In addition, this may lead to generating a new recurring revenue stream from additional services you can provide to your customers.

Guard Companies

Cawamo’s top-performing AI-based video analytics provides an opportunity for physical security guard companies, allowing them to reduce resources while increasing and improving their services, utilizing our unique capabilities to turn any camera into a “smart Human-like virtual guard.” As a result, there is a great reduction in OPEX and CAPEX and significant savings, increasing revenues.

Property Management

Cawamo understands the juggling act property managers face – maintaining resident safety with tight budgets. Simplify your operations with Cawamo's single, intuitive platform. Manage your entire security system from one place, eliminating the need for juggling disparate systems and saving valuable time. Our end-to-end platform, goes beyond basic security, providing actionable insights into property activity.

The Perfect Platform for Multiple Applications

Cawamo has successfully developed an innovative platform that addresses numerous security and safety scenarios for businesses, residential, and government facilities while keeping costs low with simple installation & operation. With the increased demand for more “intelligent” applications, our platform offers specific needs for each industry.

Schools and Campuses

Cawamo’s video AI analytics platform offers schools and universities a powerful shield against potential threats while fostering a safe and secure learning environment. Its intelligent systems go beyond simple surveillance, actively monitoring for suspicious activity, bullying, and even unauthorized access. Cawamo can alert your command center, guards, and authorities in real-time, preventing dangerous situations before they escalate. It is proactive safety instead of reactive responses.  For universities, Cawamo’s AI can also monitor sensitive areas like research labs or restricted zones, safeguarding valuable assets and intellectual property. In essence, Cawamo enhances safety, promotes peace of mind, and allows schools and universities to focus on what they do best: educating and inspiring the next generation.

Gated Communities and HOAs

In gated communities, peace of mind is paramount. Cawamo’s video AI analytics platform elevates that sense of security to a whole new level. Imagine a watchful guardian, silently keeping watch 24/7. Cawamo’s smart cameras scan for anomalies, detecting and deterring trespassers before they ever pose a threat. Unfamiliar faces linger too long? Cawamo flags it. Unauthorized cars enter restricted areas? The system automatically alerts security. Beyond perimeter protection, Cawamo’s AI identifies suspicious activity – loitering, vandalism, even package theft – giving residents and security teams the chance to intervene quickly and effectively. With Cawamo, your gated community becomes a haven of proactive security, fostering a sense of trust and well-being for everyone within its walls.

Mining, Energy, and Oil Sites

Cawamo brings razor-sharp vigilance to your mining, energy, and oil sites. We constantly scan for hazards and threats, instantly detecting unauthorized access, and even environmental dangers like smoke, fire, or chemical spills. Cawamo triggers alerts and can initiate automated actions like activating sprinklers or shutting down equipment. Beyond safety, Cawamo optimizes operations. Its AI tracks asset movement, monitors compliance with safety protocols. This real-time intelligence empowers you to boost productivity, minimize risk, and ensure the smooth flow of operations across your vital sites. With Cawamo, every shift is a safer, more efficient one, protecting your people, your assets, and your bottom line.

Hospitals and Clinics

Cawamo’s AI transforms hospital security from passive monitoring to proactive protection. Imagine guardian angels with eagle eyes, tirelessly watching over patients, staff, and sensitive areas. Its intelligent cameras scan for falls, wandering patients, unauthorized access, and even suspicious activity. Cawamo instantly alerts security and medical teams, preventing incidents before they occur. Beyond safety, Cawamo optimizes patient care. Its AI detects medication errors, equipment malfunctions, and even overcrowding, allowing staff to prioritize crucial needs with real-time insights. In essence, Cawamo becomes a silent guardian, weaving a safety net across the hospital, fostering a calmer environment for healing and a heightened sense of security for everyone within its walls.

Construction Sites

Cawamo’s AI eyes don’t just observe, but actively protects your workers and assets. Cawamo’s smart cameras scan for hazards, detecting unauthorized access, unsafe practices like working without a helmet, and even potential equipment malfunctions before they strike. Its real-time alerts let you intervene instantly, preventing accidents and keeping everyone safe. Beyond safety, Cawamo optimizes operations. Its AI tracks material movement, identifies inefficiencies like idle machinery, and even monitors compliance with safety protocols, boosting productivity and ensuring a smoother workflow. With Cawamo, your construction site is a hub of intelligent security, where work gets done efficiently and every shift ends with everyone going home safely.

Retail and Store Chains

Retail environments demand a platform that enhances security and helps to prevent theft awithout negatively impacting customers.Cawamo transforms your retail space from passive monitoring to proactive security. We keep watch over customers, staff, and valuable inventory. Cawamo’s smart cameras instantly alerts command center, security and staff, nipping threats in the bud before they escalate. Beyond safety, Cawamo boosts business intelligence. Its AI tracks customer flow, provides people counting, and analyzes product engagement, optimizing your operations and preventing losses. In essence, Cawamo fosters a confident atmosphere for shoppers and a heightened sense of security for staff. 

Surveillance Trailers

While surveillance trailers offer an eye on remote locations, protecting themselves can be a blind spot. Enter Cawamo, not just observing, but proactively securing against threats. Cawamo’s smart cameras scan for unauthorized access, tampering attempts, and even environmental dangers like fire or extreme weather. Real-time alerts warn before intruders strike, allowing rapid response to safeguard your equipment and ensure uninterrupted monitoring. Beyond protecting the trailer itself, Cawamo amplifies its security role. Its AI analyzes captured footage, enhancing detection capabilities for intended surveillance targets, whether it’s trespassers, suspicious activity, or illegal dumping. 

Corporate Buildngs

Cawamo’s AI transforms your building from a passive structure to a proactive protector, keeping watch over employees, data, and sensitive areas. Cawamo’s smart cameras scan for unauthorized access, suspicious activity like loitering or tailgating, and even potential safety hazards like unattended bags or suspicious packages. Its real-time alerts instantly notify security command centers, guards, and staff, nipping threats in the bud. Beyond safety, Cawamo boosts operational intelligence by people counting and monitoring access to restricted areas. In essence, Cawamo becomes a silent partner, weaving a safety net across your office, fostering a confident environment for employees and a heightened sense of security for everyone within its walls. 

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