The Platform

The Problem

What is Missing Today for Visual Site Security, Safety and Business Intelligence?

Managing a physical site isn’t easy for most end users. Effective site management demands both expertise and a strategic blend of technologies to unlock the full potential of your surveillance equipment, empowering both guards and remote monitoring companies to address diverse security and operational needs.

While AI brings the promise of real-time visual analysis and automated actions, existing tools haven’t delivered. They’re either out of reach financially or fall short in performance. They leave you either emptying your wallet or settling for unreliable detections.

 Managing dispersed operations (businesses or campuses) needs a patchwork of tools from different vendors. Think VMS for video, PSIM for security, health monitoring, AI… the list goes on! Integrating and maintaining this tech mix is both expensive and time-consuming.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for Visual Site Security, Safety and Business Intelligence

The Only End-to-End Surveillance Platform for Monitoring Stations and Command Centers

Cawamo is the missing piece of the puzzle that offers a complete end-to-end solution that includes everything needed to transform an existing surveillance equipment into a smart and efficient ongoing day-to-day operating platform for independent or third party command and control centers.

…from reactive to proactive solutions with new services

As an end-to-end platform, Cawamo fills the gap between the existing security equipment and the needs of guards. Cawamo elevates video surveillance with a hybrid edge and cloud solution that delivers an efficient performance to price ratio, low bandwidth, and easy setup with ANY camera. The platform is perfect for ANY power and connectivity limitations.

Patented Technology with the Highest Level of Accuracy

...and the Only True Multi-level AI Platform with Video Analytics in the Market!

1st Level Analytics
Motion Area AI-based Classification

High Level Analytics
Contexual Analysis

Cawamo offers the only solution with Multi-Level AI implemented on the cloud, on-premises or as a
hybrid architecture.

Cawamo’s patented Multi-level AI makes efficient use of computing resources reaching the highest level of accuracy. Multi level AI performs an initial AI analytics (First computing layer) with a special “contextual” deeper AI analytics (Second computing layer) for excellent accuracy reach.

Take Control. Remotely Manage Your Sites.

You Only Need One System. Comprehensive for Enterprises and Simple for Small Businesses

Our platform offers everything required for remote management of your sites

Command Software (PSIM)

Video Management System (VMS)

Cloud Recording of Events

System Health Monitor

Mobile App Guards/End Users

everything you need with Power at Your Fingertips

The End-to-End Platform for Independent or Third Party Command and Control Centers

Easy Installation and Scalability

Our Plug and Play, out of the box solution can be installed in minutes and operated in seconds at the push of a button. Cawamo’s hybrid cloud solution doesn’t require the traditional DVR/NVR setup or ripping and replacing your entire camera system. Installation is quick and easy. Cawamo is built to withstand the most challenging site conditions and allows any existing 3rd party camera to be easily integrated with Cawamo’s bandwidth friendly platform.

Web-based. Anywhere. Anytime.

Cawamo’s technology is web-based and can be used via any browser or mobile phone. It can also send push notifications using our mobile application on Android or iOS.

Impeccable Accuracy and Detection

Cawamo’s patented AI-based video analytics technology delivers the highest detection accuracy with special algorithms that detect events even in the harshest visual conditions. Powered by our advanced AI analytics that provides virtually no false alerts even in snow, fog, rain, long distances, and other challenging outdoor conditions.

Continuous Learning

Cawamo’s AI proactively anticipates threats by continuously learning and adjusting. It analyzes user feedback, refines detection models, and optimizes its decisions, staying ahead of the curve to keep your environment secure.

Determine the Area of Interest (AOI) & Add Multiple Detection Services

Get full control of the AOI with a simple drawing on the camera view. Simply use the dots on the overlay to edit the area, and customize it for multiple services per camera. 

Integration with External On-site Peripherals

With Cawamo’s dry-contact add-on unit, you can connect to on-site external peripherals. Turn lights on or off, close a gate, sound an alarm, and more – all being triggered upon an alert detection or via remote manual operation.

Voice down, Two-Way Communication and Audio Messages

Connect speakers to our Edge device, speak remotely to the site upon an alert notification and add a prerecorded audio announcement.

Integration with Third Party Software

Cawamo can connect with all Monitoring Service Providers via Command & Control software or VMS via our full REST-based API Server.

Actionable Insights and Reporting

Visualized data, intuitive dashboards, and comprehensive reports provide actionable insights for informed decision-making to track progress and make data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.


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